Dungeon23, Week 42 – Torture Chambers

Map of Dungeon Level 10-B

10-15. Couches along the walls face a central pedestal, with a gold, hinged box in the center. Touching the box activates a flame trap. The box is worth 3,600gp, and the shard of purple crystal within causes strange visions.

10-16. Two evil elf warriors (Fighter 8) and an evil elf wizard (Wizard 8). They carry a sack with 1,200gp, the fighters have pendants worth 2000ep total, and the wizard has a scroll with three spells.

10-17. One Type IV Demon. Broken magical sigils, and remains of a wizard on the floor. Chest of 7,500sp.

10-18. Dozens of chains hanging from ceiling. Touching a chain causes blood loss and weakness. Large crate on south wall contains 3,100gp, 5,900ep, 8,000sp, 8,800cp.

10-19. Table in the center with scales and abacus. Five evil elf fighters (Fighter 9). Six sacks of unsorted coins, totaling 3,400gp, 5,700ep, 7,200sp, 9,00cp.

Map of Dungeon Level 10-C

10-20. Torture chamber. Haunted by restless spirits. If the torture equipment is destroyed, the spirits will indicate a loose stone in the floor, where a ring of protection +2 is hidden.

10-21. Unnaturally cold. Vertical metal sarcophagi of several important evil elves.

Dungeon23, Week 41 – The Dragons

Map of Dungeon Level 10-A

10-8. Treasure vault. Three jars containing 5,500ep total. Small coffer containing fourteen 500gp gems.

10-9. Three evil elf warriors (Fighter 8). One has a shield+2, and another has a bow +2 Silver stature of warrior queen worth 7,800sp.

10-10. Guard room. Eight gargoyles, who will attack if tribute money is not deposited in the locked money box in the center of the room. It contains 5,100ep.

10-11. Gallery. A dozen paintings of sinister-looking evil elves hang on the walls, done in luminescent fungus paint.

10-12. Two green dragons, charmed to deal with any intruders. Chest containing 6,200ep.

Map of Dungeon Level 10-B

10-13. Racks of weapons along the walls. Some have blades coated with a purplish poison. A false floor in the corner conceals sacks containing 4,500gp, 6,900sp, 7,800cp.

10-14. Several large crystalline structures. Four contain bones and scraps of clothing. One contains a jeweled pendant of resistance to magic.

Dungeon23 – Week 40, Caverns of the Evil Elves

Map of Dungeon Level 10-A

10-1. Two umber hulks lie in wait. Among the discarded remains of previous meals, there is a platinum serving tray worth 600pp.

10-2. A great deal of detritus and junk. Two old sacks in the south of the room, filled with tarnished silver pieces. (3,700sp total)

10-3. Fungus farm. Fifteen shriekers among the towering mushrooms. Amphora with 5,900ep in it among the other gardening equipment.

10-4. Fungus farm. Many of the large fungi here are luminescent and will function as light sources.

10-5. Empty room. Iron spikes hammered into the wall with old, damp ropes hanging from them.

10-6. Two tiger beetles on guard. Will attack anyone not accompanied by one of the evil elves.

10-7. Six thouls on guard. Will attack anyone not accompanied by one of the evil elves.

Dungeon23, Week 39 – Living Quarters

Map of Dungeon Level 9-D

9-24. Arms, armor, provisions, and expedition supplies. Locked trap door in floor.

9-25. Dueling room. Three stone giants. Various pieces of exercise and training equipment.

9-26. Secret treasury. Sword +2 hanging on wall. Chest containing a wand of cold (20 charges), Scroll of teleport, potion of extra-healing, potion of ESP. Chest containing 3,400gp, 5,200ep, 7,300sp, 8,700cp. Both chests are trapped with a poison-needle lock. The chief has the key.

9-27. Seraglio of the giants. Four stone giant odalisques. Two living statue (stone) servants. Jewelry worth 3,500gp.

9-28. Giants’ common room. Three stone giants. Platinum and onyx chess set, worth 600pp.

9-29. Giants’ dormitory. Multiple beds and chests with common equipment (giant-sized). Glass astrolabe mounted on all. If correctly handled, will show the positions of invisible stars.

9-30. Storeroom. Packed with barrels and crates of sundries. Two umber hulks like in wait, having tunneled up from below. Remains of a giant and an elf thrown behind a rampart of crates, along with a chest of 2,600gp.

Map of Level 9:

Map of Dungeon Level 9

Dungeon23, Week 38 – The Giants’ Feast-Hall

Map of Dungeon Level 9-C

9-17. Workroom and forge. Four stone giants and ten bugbear menials. Various giant-sized weapons and tools. Load of raw silver ingots in one corner, worth 7,600sp.

9-18. Office. Two stone giant diplomats and a dark elf wizard (10th level). Chest under desk contains: ESP Medallion, Wand of Fireballs (20 charges), Scroll of Protection from Undead; Potion of White Dragon control.

9-19. Common room. Secret door leads to cache of giant-sized and normal-sized weapons and armor. Suit of plate mail +2 wrapped in an old rug

9-20. Tables and chairs. Two massive chess sets, scaled for giants.

9-21. Halls of the giant thanes. Five stone giants (extra tough). Scroll of Delayed Blast Fireball casually stowed in a sack.

9-22. Meeting room for giants. Table and chairs. At the head of the table, by the royal seat, there are vials of gaseous sleep poison wired under the table.

9-23. Giants’ feast-hall. Six stone giants, two stone giant champions, one stone giant chief, various bugbear menials, two evil elf ambassadors. Chief has gold ornaments worth 3,000gp. Champions have ornaments worth 1,000gp each. One elf has an amulet against crystal balls and ESP.

Dungeon23, Week 37 – Hall of the Menials

Map of Dungeon Level 9-B

9-10. Servants’ hall. Forty-nine bugbear menials. Stacks of dirty electrum dining ware, worth 6,200ep.

9-11. Shrine containing teeth and bones of notable giants, all in gold display vessels, worth 3,500gp. Disturbing any of the vessels (without precautions) will cause the door to lock and an alarm to sound.

9-12. Central pool, with a number of detailed model boats tied along the edges. Boats could be operated by tiny creatures.

9-13. Storeroom. 3,400gp in locked chest hidden under stacked furniture.

9-14. Trophy room. Various stuffed dungeon monsters and surface creatures. Three stone living statues. Gold plaques worth 3,600gp.

Map of Dungeon Level 9-C

9-15. Stairs leading down. Several discarded purplish cloaks. One has enciphered writing in elvish in an inside pocket.

9-16. Storeroom. Two stone living statues, encrusted with twenty 100gp gems.