Dungeon23, Week 10

Map of Level 3-A

3-5. Refectory. Long tables with grease and wine stains. A few mundane plates and utensils scattered around. Smells like a recent banquet.

3-6. Stone memorial slab in center of floor, with inscription in ancient language. Moving the slab frees two wights. Pair of electrum chalices (1200ep) in hollow under slab.

3-7. Six bugbears. Sacks with 650gp under mounds of animal skins. Several pungent wheels of cheese and casks of grain alcohol.

3-8. Multiple desiccated bugbear corpses on floor. Raised platform along east wall. Several chairs and music stands, all heavily covered by webs.

Map of Level 3-B

3-9. Long table in center of room, several upturned half-barrels as chairs. Three bugbears with small box containing nine emeralds (4500gp total).

3-10. Axe +1 hanging from brackets on west wall. Removing the axe without attaching equivalent weight to the brackets will cause a 10′ pit to open underneath.

3-11. One werewolf. Metal handles attached to the wall, for no apparent reason. Chest of 2600cp.

Dungeon23, Week 9 – On to Level Three

Map of Level 2-D

2-26. Five elves (know sleep x2, magic missile x2, knock). Copper tools worth 500cp.

2-27. Gang of fifteen kobolds. Sack of 2100cp.

2-28. Eight bandits. Chest with 1050ep.

Level Three

3-1. Ossuary. One carrion crawler. Among the bones is a scroll of three cleric spells (Locate Object, Remove Curse, Bless) and a dagger +1.

3-2. Phantasmal images of evil sorcerers carrying out a necromantic ritual over an open pit. (The pit is also illusory.)

3-3. Looted tombs. Twelve berserkers scavenging. Looted copper decorations worth 2900 cp.

3-4. Paintings of various beasts (crocodile, hippogriff, phoenix, etc.) on the walls. Broken and twisted remains of half a dozen cages.

Dungeon23, Week 8

18. Tapestry of lizard man hunting scene on east wall. Touching it will cause it to fall. It is rigged with bells and will alert nearby monsters.

19. Lizard men chamber. Five lizard men, One lizard chief with improved armor and attacks. Gold ornaments worth 400gp.

20. Seven lizard men. Ornaments worth 75gp.

21. Seven lizard men, ornaments worth 300gp, and one elf (knows Magic Missile, 3 100gp gems).

22. Wooden bench and table. Secret door in fireplace leads to trap door to level 3. Chimney can be climbed to the surface.

23. Cots and camp beds. Sacks with miscellaneous tools and provisions, of little value.

Level 2-D

24. Kitchen. Large fireplace on south wall. Silver cutlery (700sp) in box in cupboard.

25. Magic circle on floor, with gold-colored candles within. Stepping inside the circle causes a force field to form. Elves on this level know the key word to dismiss it.

Dungeon23, Week 7 – Lair of the Lizards

Map of Level 2-B

12. Small temple. Golden statue of lizard man (575gp) on the altar.

13. Empty. Elevated table along east wall.

14. Seven lizard men. Carrying obsidian carvings of lizards, worth 450gp in total.

15. Filled with dense, miasmal fog. All combat here will be at a disadvantage due to the poor visibility and stench.

16. Treasury. Six lizard men. 5630gp in clay urns.

17. Mud pit. Mud is six feet, heated to near boiling.

Dungeon23, Week 6

Map of Level 2-A

5. Ten racks of high-quality stolen clothes, worth 1200gp to the right buyer.

6. Swimming pool. 8′ deep. Mosaic of naiads and sea creatures at the bottom. If it could be removed, it would be valuable.

7. Broken statues and discarded furniture litter the room. Mold and fungus grow in spots. In front of the west door is a patch of green slime covering a silver owl worth 800sp.

8. Vermiglio the Merchant has set up shop here. Much standard gear is available. Chest of various coins, totaling 300gp. He is strictly neutral, but his daughter Ludmilla may be drawn into schemes.

Map of Level 2-B

9. Laboratory. Two elves synthesizing potions. One elf knows the sleep spell, and the other knows magic missile. Alchemical compounds worth 600gp, and a potion of diminution.

10 .Massive winding staircase leading down. Provides access to every level from two through seven.

11. Lizard Pen. Two giant lizards. No treasure.

Dungeon23, Week 5 – Welcome to the Second Level

1. Guardroom. Five veteran fighters. Locked chest with 1500sp.

2. Museum of mounted skeletons, securely attached to pedestals. Various creatures. Several of them have gold teeth and gold ornaments (1000gp). Attempting to remove them will activate a room-wide magical field of reverse gravity.

3. Crypt. Seven ancient sarcophagi along the east and west walls. Pressure plate in south-west corner floor will drop an intruder into a 10′ pit, and the sarcophagus will fall on top of them. No treasure.

4. Five veteran fighters. One has copper necklace worth 900cp. Six large barrels full of brine. Each holds a pickled corpse.