So We’re Going to Gen Con

Zorg and Andy will be showing as part of the Gen Con film festival this Friday!

Date: August 5

Time: 7pm

Location: Westin : Council (I assume this will make sense upon receipt of the registration info)

As a side note, my thirteen-year-old, Dungeons & Dragons-loving inner self would like to point out how awesome it is to attend Gen Con after years of reading the ads for it in back issues of Dragon magazine.

Got a Netflix account? Want to support independent cinema?

Got Netflix?  Here’s a message from the good folks at Zorg and Andy:

“Zorg and Andy” is now listed on Netflix as a future release. To get Netflix to make “Zorg” available for rent now, we need to show there’s demand for it.

So, to all of you Netflix members out there, please save “Zorg” to your queue by clicking here. After you sign in, just click on the Save button. That’s all there is to it.

And if you’ve already seen the movie, we’d love it if you left a rating and review.

We need all the help we can get to spread the word, so if you can tell friends, family and acquaintances, we’d be forever grateful.