The House Carpenter

Dodd_stringsI finally finished building my dulcimer this week.

As always, I’m mildly surprised to realize that all the time spent designing, measuring, cutting, constructing, sanding, and varnishing didn’t actually teach me how to play it.

I guess it’s time to start practicing.

The Show Goes On

Dodd_jugglerI didn’t catch your first name, Mr. Juggler, but I know your middle name.

“Dedication” is your middle name.

I salute you.

Hi, Mom

I was going to save this until Mother’s Day, but I don’t think I can wait.

These may be the best words I’ve ever read on the subject of motherhood:

one thing about mothers on the whole
they’ll go to your thing
they’ll see what their kids are doing
if you tell your mother
that you’re doing your thing somewhere
if you invite her
she’ll most likely say
since my son told me about it
even though i’m risking my mortal soul
even though i’m jeopardizing my place in heaven
for my son
i’ll risk it
i’ll go to his thing

Brother Blue

A few art-related things

Control Room
"Control Room"

Over the weekend I dropped off my photos (one of which is pictured here) for the local art show and finally got confirmation that “Zorg and Andy” will be playing at the Tromadance Indiana festival this weekend.

Both things are certainly nice, and take the edge off of waiting for news about the book.  Somewhat.

And so we begin

This being the first post of my new site, I should say a few things about what I intend to do here.  I should talk about preparing for when the new book comes out (whenever that is) and having a more active online presence.

Or I could show a Guided by Voices video.