All towns have secrets.

Weird towns have weirder secrets.

Welcome to the weirdest town of them all.

Randall Stout moves with his family to a new town, and soon discovers that he’s now living right in the center of the Indiana Rhombus. (It’s similar to the Bermuda Triangle, but shaped like a rhombus. And in Indiana.)

Here, there are strange things around every corner: The Faceless Farmer of Hubbard County. The Courthouse Phantom. The Wallace Point Mystery Spot. The Luminous Pork Tenderloin.

But none of them are as strange as the Man-Goat of Camp Cornelius.

The Man-Goat is legendary, he’s unexplainable, and for some reason he’s in a very bad mood. He’s on a rampage, and no one in town is safe from his vengeance or his terrible, terrible smell.

To stop him, Randall and his new friends have to unravel a mystery that dates back to the founding of the town.

That is, if they can avoid sinister scientists, feral cheerleaders, and the Man-Goat of Camp Cornelius himself!