Yeah, I Dig the Misfits








The albums with Danzig?  Love ’em!









The albums with Graves?  Love ’em!









The albums with Jerry?  Love ’em!


My point?  If you’re looking for some Halloween mood music, you could do a whole lot worse.

A modest musical observation

I assume it’s only a matter of time before the Internet Police deal with Grooveshark in some way, but until then:

Also, why did no one tell me that the Misfits remained awesome after Danzig left?  Did everyobdy else know this?  Why am I just finding out?

I hear Saint-Exupéry used to listen to Samson all the time.

If you happen to be, say, cutting ten thousand words out of a manuscript and need something to listen to, may I suggest the New Wave of British Heavy Metal?  Steve Harris will communicate directly with your subconscious and let you know what parts don’t need to be there.  It was very helpful.  Thanks, Steve.

Also, anyone who doesn’t like Turbo and Ram It Down is nuts.

Indisputable visual evidence:

Yeah, I’m a little bit giddy right now.  Ten thousand words was a lot.

The Playlist Does Not Lie

I’ve long believed that the music you listen to says a whole lot about the kind of person you are.  That being said, here are my ten most-played songs, as recorded by the all-seeing eye of my iPod.

“Ouija Me,” by Communique, from Poison Arrows
“Egoverride,” by Bob Mould, from Bob Mould
“Stifled Man Casino,” by Airport 5, from Tower In the Fountain of Sparks
“Terms Of Psychic Warfare,” by Husker Du, from The Living End
“What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” by R.E.M., from Monster
“20th Century Boy,” by Placebo, from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack
“The Best Lies,” by Communique, from Poison Arrows
“Backstabber,” by The Dresden Dolls, live at the Iron Horse, Northampton, MA, December 12, 2003
“All My Ghosts,” by Frank Black, from Frank Black And The Catholics
“Paralyzed,” by Bob Mould, from Body of Song

You’ll notice the near-complete absence of all the artists I claimed as my favorites back on the “about me” page.  Make of that what you will.