Quentin’s Rampaging Ego

“This was one of our failures.”

1. Drag tripod out from behind couch.
2. Get camera from drawer.
3. Attach camera to tripod.
4. Level tripod.
5. Move tripod back as far as possible.
6. Re-level tripod.
7. Meter the light.
8. Set exposure.
9. Set aperture.
10. Take picture.
11. Detach camera.
12. Put tripod away.
13. Open drawer.
14. Peer intently at dials on side of camera.
15. “Did I forget to focus?”

So We’re Going to Gen Con

Zorg and Andy will be showing as part of the Gen Con film festival this Friday!

Date: August 5

Time: 7pm

Location: Westin : Council (I assume this will make sense upon receipt of the registration info)

As a side note, my thirteen-year-old, Dungeons & Dragons-loving inner self would like to point out how awesome it is to attend Gen Con after years of reading the ads for it in back issues of Dragon magazine.