Stuff about writing

I Write in Longhand a Lot

Visible at right is the completed first draft for my new book, provisionally titled Man, I Really Gotta Figure Out What to Call This.  

Now that the draft is done, I feel the need to resume contact with the rest of the human race.  Hi.  It’s nice to be back.

At this point I’d also like to thank several pieces of music that were instrumental in helping me get this done:

Yes, those might give a clue as to the tone I was going for.

In case you’re curious, those pickle-colored beads are komboloi.  As any old Greek dude will tell you, they make a truly excellent fidgeting tool.

I hear Saint-Exupéry used to listen to Samson all the time.

If you happen to be, say, cutting ten thousand words out of a manuscript and need something to listen to, may I suggest the New Wave of British Heavy Metal?  Steve Harris will communicate directly with your subconscious and let you know what parts don’t need to be there.  It was very helpful.  Thanks, Steve.

Also, anyone who doesn’t like Turbo and Ram It Down is nuts.

Indisputable visual evidence:

Yeah, I’m a little bit giddy right now.  Ten thousand words was a lot.