So here are the first seven rooms of the Lost Catacombs of Som-Eguy. I’m going with a “sparse key,” with only a couple of sentences per room. In part, it’s my tribute to the legendary Castle Greyhawk dungeon, but I also think keeping things small will help me keep this project going all year.

1 – Entry Hall: Grand staircase leads up to the surface. No wandering monsters encountered here.

2 – Statue gallery converted to a hive for 25 giant killer bees. Honey in hive acts as potion of healing.

3 – Six orcs with mining tools, preparing to dig into the west wall. No treasure. Amenable to bribes

4 – Stone bench on the east wall, decorated with carving of lounging skeletons. Anyone sitting on the bench will be stuck until freed by a combined strength of two other people.

5 – Six plain sarcophagi in two rows down the center of the room. Each one contains a skeleton. The second sarcophagus searched also contains a scroll with the web spell.

6 – High-ceilinged chamber, choked with webs. Home to two crab spiders. Among the detritus is a split sack with 39 copper pieces.

7 – Fungus garden, with carpet of moss and enormous toadstools. Tended by eleven pixies. Some of the mushrooms are edible and nutritious, if the pixies will share.

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