Dungeon23, Week 48 – A Lot of Skeletons

Map of Dungeon Level 11-D

11-26. Ossuary. Bones are stacked and arranged along the walls. Disturbing them will animate fifty skeletons and alert the vampires in room 25.

11-27. Assemblage of huge, unearthly bells. Two black puddings. Several electrum bell strikers worth 6,500ep total.

11-28. Numerous suits of armor displayed on stands throughout the room. Some have ragged punctures or pieces bitten out of them.

11-29. Four circular carpets. If sat upon, the carpets will slowly levitate to a height of three feet. Excessive movement causes the carpets to sink again.

11-30. Two green dragons. Hoarded treasure: 800pp, 4,300gp, 6,300ep, 8,900sp, 9,800cp.

Complete Map of Level 11:

Map of Dungeon Level 11

Map of Dungeon Level 12-A

12-1. Metal pipes and panels. Two vampires. Metal barrel containing 6,500ep.

12-2. Decorative metal bands on walls. Long tables and chairs with rotting upholstery. Chest with 6,800ep under mosaic in center of room.

Dungeon23, Week 47 – The Disgruntled Princess

Map of Dungeon Level 11-C

11-19. Three evil patriarch scholars. Stone box carved into the east wall. Held shut by unknown magic. Contains a status of a mushroom-pig worth 6,200ep.

11-20. Prison. Six werebear guards. Disgruntled princess in prison cell. Repeatedly insists she’s not a succubus in disguise.

11-21. Museum. Detailed illusions of various high-level monsters, controlled by brass disks on wall. One black pudding. Scattered indigestible coins (700pp).

11-22. Mineral spring baths. Four chimerae. Enormous silver water basins (worth 8,500sp).

11-23. Illusory conclave of evil wizards, discussing plans for the surface world. Anyone touching the illusion will be stuck to the the floor while the room fills with sulfurous water.

Map of Dungeon Level 11-D

11-24. Evil fighter lord (Fighter 11) guarding the trapdoor from the ceiling. Has a shield +2. Boxes and barrels ready for transport. One contains 4,700gp and a poison toad.

11-25. Salon of the vampires. Three vampires. Coffins are in the side chambers. Living are in the center. On a table, in a brass bowl with other trinkets, is a ring of spell storing.

Dungeon23, Week 46 – Fungus Temple

Map of Dungeon Level 11-B

11-12. North door locked with a pair of very difficult locks, which must be dealt with separately.

11-13. Three mirrored shields lay in the small alcove to the east, each covered with a green slime.

11-14. Halls covered with large astrological symbols formed from bones. Locked chest in the corner contains a wand of magic detection, war hammer +2, scroll of one cleric spell, elven boots. Opening the chest without giving the password summons a Hydra (nine heads).

11-15. Unfinished room. Four ropers. Ripped sack of 700pp.

11-16. One giant slug, nesting in a pile of loose treasure, which contains 650pp, 4,800gp, 6,300ep, 8,500sp, 9,300cp.

Map of Dungeon Level 11-C

11-17. One rust monster. Decayed and gnawed remains of chains and wall-brackets. Ivory case containing a scroll of three spells.

11-18. Fungus temple. Massive mushrooms rise like columns. Flat-topped toadstool on south wall obviously used as an altar.

Dungeon23, Week 45 – Wizardly Phantasmagoria

Map of Dungeon Level 11-A

11-5. One hydra (12 heads), kept well-fed by the evil patriarchs, but always hungry for more. Twenty-three 1000gp gems are adhered to its scaly hide.

11-6. Five mummies (former patriarchs) guard a hidden chest of ritual jewelry (nine pieces, 7,000gp each). They will not attack anyone in patriarchs’ robes, or the wizard from room 3, who knows a magic password.

11-7. Chest with 650pp, coated with green slime. An additional two green slimes are on the ceiling, to drop on the unwary.

11-8. Bubbling mud pits, with various castoff vestments lying around. Bathing in the mud for ten minutes will act as a potion of extra-healing.

11-9. Large sphere of water floating in the center of the cavern. Cave fish and crustaceans swimming within. Anything thrown into the water will remain in the sphere of abnormal gravity.

Map of Dungeon Level 11-B

11-10. Wide deposits of clear crystal in the east and north walls. There are shadowy, giant-sized figures in the crystal. Some have horns and tails. Some move slightly.

11-11. Three basilisks. Scattered mining equipment and rock debris. Unrefined gold worth 4,800gp.

Dungeon23, Week 44 – Down to the Wizard’s Lab

Map of Dungeon Level 10-D

10-29. Locked chamber on the west wall. Opening it summons a succubus. Inside is a suit of decorative silver armor worth 7,500sp.

10-30. Dormitory. Two evil elf thieves (thief 8). One carries a bag of eighteen 500gp gems.

10-31. Well-appointed chamber with two coffins. Large mushrooms and gourds. Two vampires. 3,400gp stored in an animated pumpkin.

The Complete Map of Level 10:

Map of Dungeon Level 10

Map of Dungeon Level 11-A

11-1. Six giant scorpions, each wearing a band around its midsection with a different color and number. Elevated platform on the south holds seats and elegant dinner service worth 8,200sp.

11-2. Metal pipes and furnaces. Three hell hounds. Storage crate containing 700pp, 4,500gp, 6,600ep, 8,400sp, 9,200cp.

11-3. Magical laboratory. Wizard is trapped in a small glass flask. Will bargain handsomely for his release. Knows the location of a hidden treasure in room 6, and a password to keep its guards away.

11-4. Five evil patriarchs painting the walls for a sinister ritual purpose. Each wears a platinum medallion with a scorpion on it (1000pp total).

Dungeon23, Week 43 – Kitchen and Conclave

Map of Dungeon Level 10-C

10-22. Two red dragons (very old). Locked chest with three pieces of jewelry (15,000gp total). Pile of coins, containing 3,600gp, 5,900ep, 7,300sp, 9,000cp. Rock fissure leads up to the surface.

10-23. Steaming tubs of simmering blood. Twelve trolls. Electrum pipes and fittings worth 5,100ep.

10-24. Ossuary. Bones stacked in decorative patterns along all the walls. Some of the skulls are set with gems. Nineteen 100gp gems in total.

10-25. Several carcasses of various dungeon monsters are stacked in the corners, ready for taxidermy or butchering.

10-26. Library of the elven wizards. One evil elf wizard (wizard 10). Scroll of Protection from Lycanthropes, Scroll of Protection from Magic, Scroll of 3 Spells. Every turn spent searching the shelves has a 2 in 6 chance of turning up a valuable book.

Map of Dungeon Level 10-D

10-27. Conclave room. Oval table and chairs, made of luminescent fungi. Chest under the table, with a poison trap in the lock. It contains high-quality wine.

10-28. Braziers of endless green fire in the corners. Two weretigers. Offering of 650pp on center pedestal.

Dungeon23, Week 42 – Torture Chambers

Map of Dungeon Level 10-B

10-15. Couches along the walls face a central pedestal, with a gold, hinged box in the center. Touching the box activates a flame trap. The box is worth 3,600gp, and the shard of purple crystal within causes strange visions.

10-16. Two evil elf warriors (Fighter 8) and an evil elf wizard (Wizard 8). They carry a sack with 1,200gp, the fighters have pendants worth 2000ep total, and the wizard has a scroll with three spells.

10-17. One Type IV Demon. Broken magical sigils, and remains of a wizard on the floor. Chest of 7,500sp.

10-18. Dozens of chains hanging from ceiling. Touching a chain causes blood loss and weakness. Large crate on south wall contains 3,100gp, 5,900ep, 8,000sp, 8,800cp.

10-19. Table in the center with scales and abacus. Five evil elf fighters (Fighter 9). Six sacks of unsorted coins, totaling 3,400gp, 5,700ep, 7,200sp, 9,00cp.

Map of Dungeon Level 10-C

10-20. Torture chamber. Haunted by restless spirits. If the torture equipment is destroyed, the spirits will indicate a loose stone in the floor, where a ring of protection +2 is hidden.

10-21. Unnaturally cold. Vertical metal sarcophagi of several important evil elves.

Dungeon23, Week 41 – The Dragons

Map of Dungeon Level 10-A

10-8. Treasure vault. Three jars containing 5,500ep total. Small coffer containing fourteen 500gp gems.

10-9. Three evil elf warriors (Fighter 8). One has a shield+2, and another has a bow +2 Silver stature of warrior queen worth 7,800sp.

10-10. Guard room. Eight gargoyles, who will attack if tribute money is not deposited in the locked money box in the center of the room. It contains 5,100ep.

10-11. Gallery. A dozen paintings of sinister-looking evil elves hang on the walls, done in luminescent fungus paint.

10-12. Two green dragons, charmed to deal with any intruders. Chest containing 6,200ep.

Map of Dungeon Level 10-B

10-13. Racks of weapons along the walls. Some have blades coated with a purplish poison. A false floor in the corner conceals sacks containing 4,500gp, 6,900sp, 7,800cp.

10-14. Several large crystalline structures. Four contain bones and scraps of clothing. One contains a jeweled pendant of resistance to magic.

Dungeon23 – Week 40, Caverns of the Evil Elves

Map of Dungeon Level 10-A

10-1. Two umber hulks lie in wait. Among the discarded remains of previous meals, there is a platinum serving tray worth 600pp.

10-2. A great deal of detritus and junk. Two old sacks in the south of the room, filled with tarnished silver pieces. (3,700sp total)

10-3. Fungus farm. Fifteen shriekers among the towering mushrooms. Amphora with 5,900ep in it among the other gardening equipment.

10-4. Fungus farm. Many of the large fungi here are luminescent and will function as light sources.

10-5. Empty room. Iron spikes hammered into the wall with old, damp ropes hanging from them.

10-6. Two tiger beetles on guard. Will attack anyone not accompanied by one of the evil elves.

10-7. Six thouls on guard. Will attack anyone not accompanied by one of the evil elves.