Map of Dungeon Level 11-A

11-5. One hydra (12 heads), kept well-fed by the evil patriarchs, but always hungry for more. Twenty-three 1000gp gems are adhered to its scaly hide.

11-6. Five mummies (former patriarchs) guard a hidden chest of ritual jewelry (nine pieces, 7,000gp each). They will not attack anyone in patriarchs’ robes, or the wizard from room 3, who knows a magic password.

11-7. Chest with 650pp, coated with green slime. An additional two green slimes are on the ceiling, to drop on the unwary.

11-8. Bubbling mud pits, with various castoff vestments lying around. Bathing in the mud for ten minutes will act as a potion of extra-healing.

11-9. Large sphere of water floating in the center of the cavern. Cave fish and crustaceans swimming within. Anything thrown into the water will remain in the sphere of abnormal gravity.

Map of Dungeon Level 11-B

11-10. Wide deposits of clear crystal in the east and north walls. There are shadowy, giant-sized figures in the crystal. Some have horns and tails. Some move slightly.

11-11. Three basilisks. Scattered mining equipment and rock debris. Unrefined gold worth 4,800gp.

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