Map of Dungeon Level 11-B

11-12. North door locked with a pair of very difficult locks, which must be dealt with separately.

11-13. Three mirrored shields lay in the small alcove to the east, each covered with a green slime.

11-14. Halls covered with large astrological symbols formed from bones. Locked chest in the corner contains a wand of magic detection, war hammer +2, scroll of one cleric spell, elven boots. Opening the chest without giving the password summons a Hydra (nine heads).

11-15. Unfinished room. Four ropers. Ripped sack of 700pp.

11-16. One giant slug, nesting in a pile of loose treasure, which contains 650pp, 4,800gp, 6,300ep, 8,500sp, 9,300cp.

Map of Dungeon Level 11-C

11-17. One rust monster. Decayed and gnawed remains of chains and wall-brackets. Ivory case containing a scroll of three spells.

11-18. Fungus temple. Massive mushrooms rise like columns. Flat-topped toadstool on south wall obviously used as an altar.

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