Map of Dungeon Level 11-C

11-19. Three evil patriarch scholars. Stone box carved into the east wall. Held shut by unknown magic. Contains a status of a mushroom-pig worth 6,200ep.

11-20. Prison. Six werebear guards. Disgruntled princess in prison cell. Repeatedly insists she’s not a succubus in disguise.

11-21. Museum. Detailed illusions of various high-level monsters, controlled by brass disks on wall. One black pudding. Scattered indigestible coins (700pp).

11-22. Mineral spring baths. Four chimerae. Enormous silver water basins (worth 8,500sp).

11-23. Illusory conclave of evil wizards, discussing plans for the surface world. Anyone touching the illusion will be stuck to the the floor while the room fills with sulfurous water.

Map of Dungeon Level 11-D

11-24. Evil fighter lord (Fighter 11) guarding the trapdoor from the ceiling. Has a shield +2. Boxes and barrels ready for transport. One contains 4,700gp and a poison toad.

11-25. Salon of the vampires. Three vampires. Coffins are in the side chambers. Living are in the center. On a table, in a brass bowl with other trinkets, is a ring of spell storing.

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