Map of Dungeon Level 10-D

10-29. Locked chamber on the west wall. Opening it summons a succubus. Inside is a suit of decorative silver armor worth 7,500sp.

10-30. Dormitory. Two evil elf thieves (thief 8). One carries a bag of eighteen 500gp gems.

10-31. Well-appointed chamber with two coffins. Large mushrooms and gourds. Two vampires. 3,400gp stored in an animated pumpkin.

The Complete Map of Level 10:

Map of Dungeon Level 10

Map of Dungeon Level 11-A

11-1. Six giant scorpions, each wearing a band around its midsection with a different color and number. Elevated platform on the south holds seats and elegant dinner service worth 8,200sp.

11-2. Metal pipes and furnaces. Three hell hounds. Storage crate containing 700pp, 4,500gp, 6,600ep, 8,400sp, 9,200cp.

11-3. Magical laboratory. Wizard is trapped in a small glass flask. Will bargain handsomely for his release. Knows the location of a hidden treasure in room 6, and a password to keep its guards away.

11-4. Five evil patriarchs painting the walls for a sinister ritual purpose. Each wears a platinum medallion with a scorpion on it (1000pp total).

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