Map of Dungeon Level 11-D

11-26. Ossuary. Bones are stacked and arranged along the walls. Disturbing them will animate fifty skeletons and alert the vampires in room 25.

11-27. Assemblage of huge, unearthly bells. Two black puddings. Several electrum bell strikers worth 6,500ep total.

11-28. Numerous suits of armor displayed on stands throughout the room. Some have ragged punctures or pieces bitten out of them.

11-29. Four circular carpets. If sat upon, the carpets will slowly levitate to a height of three feet. Excessive movement causes the carpets to sink again.

11-30. Two green dragons. Hoarded treasure: 800pp, 4,300gp, 6,300ep, 8,900sp, 9,800cp.

Complete Map of Level 11:

Map of Dungeon Level 11

Map of Dungeon Level 12-A

12-1. Metal pipes and panels. Two vampires. Metal barrel containing 6,500ep.

12-2. Decorative metal bands on walls. Long tables and chairs with rotting upholstery. Chest with 6,800ep under mosaic in center of room.

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