Map of Dungeon Level 12-A

12-3. Signs of battle: broken weapons and armor, bone fragments, burn marks on walls.

12-4. Twenty gargoyles arranged in rows. In the center is huge bowl filled with 800pp, 4,300gp, 6,300ep, 8,900sp, 9,800cp. The gargoyles will pursue and attack anyone who does not take at least some of the treasure out of the room.

12-5. Extensive alchemical laboratory, with tables and equipment for mummy preparation.

12-6. Art gallery. Various high-quality paintings, stolen from the surface world. Large fireplace on north wall, with comfortable chairs around it. Gold brooches on the mantel (magically enough for all in party). Brooches double the effect of healing and protective magic.

12-7. Necromantic pentacles on floor and extensive library. Two evil patriarchs. One has a ring of protection +1. On the shelves are a scroll of two cleric spells, a cursed scroll, two potions of gaseous form, and a bag of beans.

Map of Dungeon Level 12-B

12-8. Dormitory, guarded by three shedu. Among the personal effects is a mace +2.

12-9. Bathing room, with hot and cold pools. One giant slug lives in the cold pool. A silver statue of a two-faced goddess (worth 8,400sp) sits at the bottom of the cold pool.

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