Map of Dungeon Level 12-B

12-10. Theater. Rows of seats, stage, curtain. Painted mannequins in many of the seats. Two vampires hiding behind the curtain. Five gem-encrusted masks, each with 4,000gp worth of gems.

12-11. Guest quarters. Nine evil elves. Leader has a bow +1 and a shield +2. Chest of 6,600ep.

12-12. Detailed carvings of clouds and stylized wind gusts. Touching a cloud grants the gaseous form ability.

12-13. Storeroom. Many boxes and crates suspended from ceiling. Tinkering with the ropes will cause them to fall. Full of mundane theatrical goods.

12-14. Massive mirror on west wall. Will show party members, but in a glittering ballroom of precious metal. Touching the mirror will bring angry mirror images of party into this room.

12-15. Five elaborately decorated and furnished coffins along the east wall. Resting places for discerning vampires.

12-16. Four hell hounds will attack all strangers on sight. Platinum amulets hang on wall beside west door. Purely decorative, but worth 800pp.

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