Map of Dungeon Level 12-C12-17. Five green slimes cover five living silver statues. The remains of each statue are worth 1,300sp.

12-18. Altar to sinister lizard god. Illusory giant lizards will attack interlopers. Moving the altar will polymorph victims into a lizard, but will also open the secret door to room 19.

12-19. One Type 1 Demon, eager to make a deal. Held prisoner by electrum chains, worth 6,200ep.

12-20. Study. Comfortable chair, bookshelf with various reference and literature. Three giant scorpions. Under a side table is a sack with 4,200gp.

12-21. One red dragon. Extremely old and dangerous. 8,800gp, 9,100sp, Forty 100gp gems. Crevice leads to distant mountain.

12-22. Armory. Normal arms and armor for a hundred warriors, stacked efficiently, in good order, and ready to use.

12-23. Six mummies, each in a coffin shaped like a long treasure chest. The seventh chest contains 6,100ep.

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