Map of Dungeon Level 12-D12-24. Repair room. Workbenches with tools and raw materials for small, intricate parts. One will-o-the-wisp will lead players into room 23 or room 21.

12-25. Magical snow falls. Carefully arranged treasure: Armor +2, Ring of protection +2 (5ft radius), Scroll of two cleric spells, Two potions of clairaudience, Boots of Levitation, Tome of Understanding, Twenty 100gp gems, 650pp. No evil acts possible in this room.

12-26. Large model of an ancient miniature city. Touching the model will draw the character into the model, which is populated with friends and foes.

12-27. One type IV demon, guarding chests of coins. 800pp, 4,600gp, 900ep, 9,000sp, 9,200cp.

12-28. Vast mechanical model of the cosmos, with controls enabling someone to reset the model to reflect any given point in time.

12-29. Three ogre magi temple attendants. Ivory barrel full of 9,000sp.

12-30. Lich’s treasury. 7,100ep, 8,200s in four chests. Another chest with an obviously broken lock will trigger a green slime trap in the ceiling when opened. It contains a sword +2 (intelligent and chaotic), a scroll of protection from elementals, a scroll of protection from magic, and two potions of flying.

12-31. The tomb of Som-Eguy, the powerful and bad-tempered lich. When threatened, will summon two type III demons to assist. Magic portals in the curtained alcoves lead to further adventures.

Dungeon Level 12:

Map of Dungeon Level 12

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