Dungeon23, Week 39 – Living Quarters

Map of Dungeon Level 9-D

9-24. Arms, armor, provisions, and expedition supplies. Locked trap door in floor.

9-25. Dueling room. Three stone giants. Various pieces of exercise and training equipment.

9-26. Secret treasury. Sword +2 hanging on wall. Chest containing a wand of cold (20 charges), Scroll of teleport, potion of extra-healing, potion of ESP. Chest containing 3,400gp, 5,200ep, 7,300sp, 8,700cp. Both chests are trapped with a poison-needle lock. The chief has the key.

9-27. Seraglio of the giants. Four stone giant odalisques. Two living statue (stone) servants. Jewelry worth 3,500gp.

9-28. Giants’ common room. Three stone giants. Platinum and onyx chess set, worth 600pp.

9-29. Giants’ dormitory. Multiple beds and chests with common equipment (giant-sized). Glass astrolabe mounted on all. If correctly handled, will show the positions of invisible stars.

9-30. Storeroom. Packed with barrels and crates of sundries. Two umber hulks like in wait, having tunneled up from below. Remains of a giant and an elf thrown behind a rampart of crates, along with a chest of 2,600gp.

Map of Level 9:

Map of Dungeon Level 9

Dungeon23, Week 38 – The Giants’ Feast-Hall

Map of Dungeon Level 9-C

9-17. Workroom and forge. Four stone giants and ten bugbear menials. Various giant-sized weapons and tools. Load of raw silver ingots in one corner, worth 7,600sp.

9-18. Office. Two stone giant diplomats and a dark elf wizard (10th level). Chest under desk contains: ESP Medallion, Wand of Fireballs (20 charges), Scroll of Protection from Undead; Potion of White Dragon control.

9-19. Common room. Secret door leads to cache of giant-sized and normal-sized weapons and armor. Suit of plate mail +2 wrapped in an old rug

9-20. Tables and chairs. Two massive chess sets, scaled for giants.

9-21. Halls of the giant thanes. Five stone giants (extra tough). Scroll of Delayed Blast Fireball casually stowed in a sack.

9-22. Meeting room for giants. Table and chairs. At the head of the table, by the royal seat, there are vials of gaseous sleep poison wired under the table.

9-23. Giants’ feast-hall. Six stone giants, two stone giant champions, one stone giant chief, various bugbear menials, two evil elf ambassadors. Chief has gold ornaments worth 3,000gp. Champions have ornaments worth 1,000gp each. One elf has an amulet against crystal balls and ESP.

Dungeon23, Week 37 – Hall of the Menials

Map of Dungeon Level 9-B

9-10. Servants’ hall. Forty-nine bugbear menials. Stacks of dirty electrum dining ware, worth 6,200ep.

9-11. Shrine containing teeth and bones of notable giants, all in gold display vessels, worth 3,500gp. Disturbing any of the vessels (without precautions) will cause the door to lock and an alarm to sound.

9-12. Central pool, with a number of detailed model boats tied along the edges. Boats could be operated by tiny creatures.

9-13. Storeroom. 3,400gp in locked chest hidden under stacked furniture.

9-14. Trophy room. Various stuffed dungeon monsters and surface creatures. Three stone living statues. Gold plaques worth 3,600gp.

Map of Dungeon Level 9-C

9-15. Stairs leading down. Several discarded purplish cloaks. One has enciphered writing in elvish in an inside pocket.

9-16. Storeroom. Two stone living statues, encrusted with twenty 100gp gems.

Dungeon23, Week 36 – Giants’ Chambers

Map of Dungeon Level 9-A

9-3. Guard room. Six stone giants. In a sack with a bunch of old, gnawed bones are a scroll of one spell, a scroll of seven spells, and potions of Invulnerability and Levitation.

9-4. Several benches and chairs, sized for giants (as everything is on this level.) Tally marks carved on one of the tables.

9-5. Kitchen. Massive fireplace along east wall. A huge, lidded metal cauldron contains one black pudding.

9-6. Natural cavern. Leads up to crevasse on level 8. Two umber hulks prowling around. Sack with 600pp partially hidden under rocks.

9-7. Guard room. Three stone giants. Large chests containing 3,700gp, 5,600ep, 7,800sp, 8,800cp.

Map of Dungeon Level 9-B

9-8. Illusionary wall hides the stairs going down, making the room seem like a 10×20 empty chamber.

9-9. Lounge. Giant-sized tables, chairs, cushions, and fireplaces. Trays with empty tankards and plates with food scraps. Currently empty.

Dungeon23, Week 35 – The Halls of the Giants

Map of Dungeon Level 9-A

9-1. Storeroom. One living statue (stone) acting as a guard. Will attack parties that don’t contain a giant or wear the giants’ medallion. Will flee from large parties to summon reinforcements. Various trade goods worth 3,600gp.

9-2. Temple. Two living statues (rock) of giant patriarchs. Under the pedestals are a wand of cold (20 charges), Scroll of teleport, Potions of Extra healing and ESP.

Dungeon23, Week 35 – The Mysterious Sphere

Map of Level 8-D

8-27. Six tombs of important evil dwarves. Two spectres lurk here. Tombs have gold ornaments totaling 2,300gp.

8-28. Crevasse leading down to level 9. Warm air rises up from below. Remains of a rope bridge across.

8-29. Circular room with mysterious 10′ pearlescent sphere on a central pedestal. Shadowy motion is visible within the sphere, as well as barely audible whispers.

8-30. Tombs of the evil dwarves. One gray ooze. In a central offering bowl are a potion of growth and a blue glass bell that will ring in the presence of illusions.

8-31. Tombs of the evil dwarves. Three spectres. A false sarcophagus contains 2,300gp and 450pp.

The complete map of Level 8:

Complete Map of Level 8

Dungeon23, Week 34 – The Mine

Map of Level 8-C

8-21. Mine. Four giant lizards gnawing on bones. Scattered, unprocessed emeralds worth 2,200gp.

8-22. Gem cleaning and shaping workshop. Various abandoned benches and tools. Chest under one bench is trapped with a poison needle in the lock, but contains two potions of heroism.

8-23. Mine. Two hydras (seven heads), the leaders of the giant lizards who inhabit the mine. Among the scattered bones is an evil dwarf crown, worth 7,000sp.

8-24. Mine. Ghostly sounds of battle and conflict.

8-25. Mine. Bones of several other adventurers. Tinderbox with flint and steel. Noble coat of arms etched on the tinderbox.

Map of Level 8-D

8-26. Two giant lizards, with glowing pearlescent eyes. Several bones of evil dwarves, scattered around a large chest, with 4,200ep, 6,400sp, 8,000cp.

8-27. Six tombs of important evil dwarves. Two spectres lurk here. Tombs have gold ornaments totaling 2,300gp.

Dungeon23, Week 33 – Ghosts of the Mine

Map of Level 8-B

8-14. Statuary hall. Six iron statues of evil dwarf ancestors. All six are living statues. Seventeen 100gp gems in marble bowl in center of room.

8-15. Abandoned mining office. Lair of three giant lizards. Drawers of smashed desk contain Scroll of protection from lycanthropes, Scroll of Speak with Dead, Potion of Black Dragon Control.

8-16. Baths. Pools on either side of the room are full of sulfurous water, heated by hot springs.

8-17. Mine. Veins of emeralds run across the unstable rocky ceiling. Attempts to get at them will result in a dangerous rockfall.

Map of Level 8-C

8-18. Two giant lizards. Abandoned sack of emeralds worth 900cp.

8-19. Ten wraiths (ghosts of miners enslaved by the evil dwarves). Buried under a rockfall is a two-handed sword +1.

8-20. Scattered bones and smashed mine carts. Bones have been gnawed by something with large teeth. Torn sack contains emeralds worth 450gp.

Dungeon23, Week 32 – Thralls of the Dragon

Map of Level 8-A

8-6. Feasting hall of the evil dwarves. 27 evil dwarves, plus an evil dwarf king, with a flaming sword. Treasure stored under the throne: Five diamonds (4,000gp each).

8-7. Twelve evil dwarves, plus one fire lizard. Chests of silver tribute (6,200sp). Glowing runes inscribed high on the walls.

8-8. Storeroom. Jeweled bird in cage. When wound up, it will identify magical objects.

8-9. Platinum statue of a dragon (450pp) on a platform in center of room. If approached without turning lock in floor, a spiked pit trap will trigger.

8-10. Several prison cells, all empty except for bones and rags.

8-11. One black dragon of moderate size. 2,200gp, mace +1.

Map of Level 8-B

8-12. Smashed furniture, including desk, chairs, bookshelf. Litter of bones on floor. Three spectres. Sword +1 beneath bones.

8-13. Circle of dungeon fungus on floor. Anyone stepping into the fungus will never want to leave.

Dungeon32, Week 31 – Halls of the Evil Dwarves

8-1. Meeting hall of the colony of evil dwarves. Ten evil dwarves and a captain. Captain has a sword +1.

8-2. Prison cells. Six evil dwarf guards. Prisoners include a captive princess, a merchant, and a talking toad.

Map of Level 8-A

8-3. Workshop. Tools and workbenches along west wall.

8-4. Ten evil dwarves. Chests of unrefined gold worth 2,200gp.

8-5. Several dead, mummified, giant spiders hang from the ceiling.

8-6. Feasting hall of the evil dwarves. 27 evil dwarves, plus an evil dwarf king, with a flaming sword. Treasure stored under the throne: Five diamonds (4,000gp each).