Map of Dungeon Level 10-A

10-8. Treasure vault. Three jars containing 5,500ep total. Small coffer containing fourteen 500gp gems.

10-9. Three evil elf warriors (Fighter 8). One has a shield+2, and another has a bow +2 Silver stature of warrior queen worth 7,800sp.

10-10. Guard room. Eight gargoyles, who will attack if tribute money is not deposited in the locked money box in the center of the room. It contains 5,100ep.

10-11. Gallery. A dozen paintings of sinister-looking evil elves hang on the walls, done in luminescent fungus paint.

10-12. Two green dragons, charmed to deal with any intruders. Chest containing 6,200ep.

Map of Dungeon Level 10-B

10-13. Racks of weapons along the walls. Some have blades coated with a purplish poison. A false floor in the corner conceals sacks containing 4,500gp, 6,900sp, 7,800cp.

10-14. Several large crystalline structures. Four contain bones and scraps of clothing. One contains a jeweled pendant of resistance to magic.

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Map of Dungeon Level 12-D

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