Map of Dungeon Level 9-A

9-1. Storeroom. One living statue (stone) acting as a guard. Will attack parties that don’t contain a giant or wear the giants’ medallion. Will flee from large parties to summon reinforcements. Various trade goods worth 3,600gp.

9-2. Temple. Two living statues (rock) of giant patriarchs. Under the pedestals are a wand of cold (20 charges), Scroll of teleport, Potions of Extra healing and ESP.

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Map of Dungeon Level 12-D

Dungeon23, Week 52 – The Lich is Annoyed

12-24. Repair room. Workbenches with tools and raw materials for small, intricate parts. One will-o-the-wisp will lead players into room 23 or room 21. 12-25. Magical snow falls. Carefully arranged treasure: Armor +2, Ring of protection +2 (5ft radius), Scroll of two cleric spells, Two potions of clairaudience, Boots of […]

Map of Dungeon Level 12-C

Dungeon23. Week 51 – Temple of the Lizard

12-17. Five green slimes cover five living silver statues. The remains of each statue are worth 1,300sp. 12-18. Altar to sinister lizard god. Illusory giant lizards will attack interlopers. Moving the altar will polymorph victims into a lizard, but will also open the secret door to room 19. 12-19. One […]