Map of Level 8-D

8-27. Six tombs of important evil dwarves. Two spectres lurk here. Tombs have gold ornaments totaling 2,300gp.

8-28. Crevasse leading down to level 9. Warm air rises up from below. Remains of a rope bridge across.

8-29. Circular room with mysterious 10′ pearlescent sphere on a central pedestal. Shadowy motion is visible within the sphere, as well as barely audible whispers.

8-30. Tombs of the evil dwarves. One gray ooze. In a central offering bowl are a potion of growth and a blue glass bell that will ring in the presence of illusions.

8-31. Tombs of the evil dwarves. Three spectres. A false sarcophagus contains 2,300gp and 450pp.

The complete map of Level 8:

Complete Map of Level 8

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