Map of Dungeon Level 9-B

9-10. Servants’ hall. Forty-nine bugbear menials. Stacks of dirty electrum dining ware, worth 6,200ep.

9-11. Shrine containing teeth and bones of notable giants, all in gold display vessels, worth 3,500gp. Disturbing any of the vessels (without precautions) will cause the door to lock and an alarm to sound.

9-12. Central pool, with a number of detailed model boats tied along the edges. Boats could be operated by tiny creatures.

9-13. Storeroom. 3,400gp in locked chest hidden under stacked furniture.

9-14. Trophy room. Various stuffed dungeon monsters and surface creatures. Three stone living statues. Gold plaques worth 3,600gp.

Map of Dungeon Level 9-C

9-15. Stairs leading down. Several discarded purplish cloaks. One has enciphered writing in elvish in an inside pocket.

9-16. Storeroom. Two stone living statues, encrusted with twenty 100gp gems.

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