Map of Dungeon Level 9-C

9-17. Workroom and forge. Four stone giants and ten bugbear menials. Various giant-sized weapons and tools. Load of raw silver ingots in one corner, worth 7,600sp.

9-18. Office. Two stone giant diplomats and a dark elf wizard (10th level). Chest under desk contains: ESP Medallion, Wand of Fireballs (20 charges), Scroll of Protection from Undead; Potion of White Dragon control.

9-19. Common room. Secret door leads to cache of giant-sized and normal-sized weapons and armor. Suit of plate mail +2 wrapped in an old rug

9-20. Tables and chairs. Two massive chess sets, scaled for giants.

9-21. Halls of the giant thanes. Five stone giants (extra tough). Scroll of Delayed Blast Fireball casually stowed in a sack.

9-22. Meeting room for giants. Table and chairs. At the head of the table, by the royal seat, there are vials of gaseous sleep poison wired under the table.

9-23. Giants’ feast-hall. Six stone giants, two stone giant champions, one stone giant chief, various bugbear menials, two evil elf ambassadors. Chief has gold ornaments worth 3,000gp. Champions have ornaments worth 1,000gp each. One elf has an amulet against crystal balls and ESP.

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