Map of Dungeon Level 9-D

9-24. Arms, armor, provisions, and expedition supplies. Locked trap door in floor.

9-25. Dueling room. Three stone giants. Various pieces of exercise and training equipment.

9-26. Secret treasury. Sword +2 hanging on wall. Chest containing a wand of cold (20 charges), Scroll of teleport, potion of extra-healing, potion of ESP. Chest containing 3,400gp, 5,200ep, 7,300sp, 8,700cp. Both chests are trapped with a poison-needle lock. The chief has the key.

9-27. Seraglio of the giants. Four stone giant odalisques. Two living statue (stone) servants. Jewelry worth 3,500gp.

9-28. Giants’ common room. Three stone giants. Platinum and onyx chess set, worth 600pp.

9-29. Giants’ dormitory. Multiple beds and chests with common equipment (giant-sized). Glass astrolabe mounted on all. If correctly handled, will show the positions of invisible stars.

9-30. Storeroom. Packed with barrels and crates of sundries. Two umber hulks like in wait, having tunneled up from below. Remains of a giant and an elf thrown behind a rampart of crates, along with a chest of 2,600gp.

Map of Level 9:

Map of Dungeon Level 9

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