Map of Dungeon Level 10-B

10-15. Couches along the walls face a central pedestal, with a gold, hinged box in the center. Touching the box activates a flame trap. The box is worth 3,600gp, and the shard of purple crystal within causes strange visions.

10-16. Two evil elf warriors (Fighter 8) and an evil elf wizard (Wizard 8). They carry a sack with 1,200gp, the fighters have pendants worth 2000ep total, and the wizard has a scroll with three spells.

10-17. One Type IV Demon. Broken magical sigils, and remains of a wizard on the floor. Chest of 7,500sp.

10-18. Dozens of chains hanging from ceiling. Touching a chain causes blood loss and weakness. Large crate on south wall contains 3,100gp, 5,900ep, 8,000sp, 8,800cp.

10-19. Table in the center with scales and abacus. Five evil elf fighters (Fighter 9). Six sacks of unsorted coins, totaling 3,400gp, 5,700ep, 7,200sp, 9,00cp.

Map of Dungeon Level 10-C

10-20. Torture chamber. Haunted by restless spirits. If the torture equipment is destroyed, the spirits will indicate a loose stone in the floor, where a ring of protection +2 is hidden.

10-21. Unnaturally cold. Vertical metal sarcophagi of several important evil elves.

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