Map of Dungeon Level 10-C

10-22. Two red dragons (very old). Locked chest with three pieces of jewelry (15,000gp total). Pile of coins, containing 3,600gp, 5,900ep, 7,300sp, 9,000cp. Rock fissure leads up to the surface.

10-23. Steaming tubs of simmering blood. Twelve trolls. Electrum pipes and fittings worth 5,100ep.

10-24. Ossuary. Bones stacked in decorative patterns along all the walls. Some of the skulls are set with gems. Nineteen 100gp gems in total.

10-25. Several carcasses of various dungeon monsters are stacked in the corners, ready for taxidermy or butchering.

10-26. Library of the elven wizards. One evil elf wizard (wizard 10). Scroll of Protection from Lycanthropes, Scroll of Protection from Magic, Scroll of 3 Spells. Every turn spent searching the shelves has a 2 in 6 chance of turning up a valuable book.

Map of Dungeon Level 10-D

10-27. Conclave room. Oval table and chairs, made of luminescent fungi. Chest under the table, with a poison trap in the lock. It contains high-quality wine.

10-28. Braziers of endless green fire in the corners. Two weretigers. Offering of 650pp on center pedestal.

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