Continuing into a region of ancient tombs…

8. Looted tomb. Faded votive paintings on the walls. Scraps of smashed wooden sarcophagi on the floor. Five orcs, each one has 2d6 gp.

9. Mummified animals in boxes and urns. Four dwarves exploring. Mummy preparation tables on west wall. Copper utensils worth 1200cp.

10. Dusty funerary statues of animals. Statues are wooden, decorated with flaking paint.

11. Robbers’ Trap: Gold-banded chest at the south end of the room. The southernmost ten feet of the room is an obvious pressure-plate. Stepping on it will trigger the ceiling to fall. In the chest is a gold statue of a dead robber, worth 500gp.

12. Three sarcophagi along west wall, each decorated with paintings of animals. Sarcophagi will levitate and hurl themselves at intruders (1d6 HP damage, attack as Ogre) unless the intruders are carrying a mummified animal. Sarcophagi contain copper plates (1200cp), copper jars (1000cp), silver statuette of jackal (600sp).

13. Looted room. Remains of smashed boxes and coffins on the floor.

14. Prince’s tomb. One ghoul gnawing on bones. Richly enameled sarcophagus worth 2200cp. Contains necklace of gold and gems (1,500gp).

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