Map of Level 7-C

7-24. Empty guard room. Discarded armor and weapons, all highly rusted. The phrase “127+9” is chalked on the wall.

7-25. Oval of tall, menhir-shaped boulders. Standing inside the oval, it’s possible to hear quiet voices whispering and the sound of distant funereal chanting.

7-26. A cage of magical force imprisons a wizard. He carries nineteen 100gp gems.

Map of Level 7-D

7-27. Funerary temple to salamander god. Pressure plate by north door will cause a steel plate to seal the door, and water to fill the temple from above.

7-28. Ghoul colony with 22 ghouls. Looted burial items totaling 6,100sp and 6,800cp.

7-29. Yellow mold covers a sarcophagus. It contains 500pp.

7-30. Tomb of the priestess of the goddess of peace. Anyone who craws a weapon in this room will be cursed. Sarcophagus contains a shield +1, a scroll with a healing spell, and a potion of gaseous form.

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Map of Dungeon Level 12-D

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