Map of Level 8-A

8-6. Feasting hall of the evil dwarves. 27 evil dwarves, plus an evil dwarf king, with a flaming sword. Treasure stored under the throne: Five diamonds (4,000gp each).

8-7. Twelve evil dwarves, plus one fire lizard. Chests of silver tribute (6,200sp). Glowing runes inscribed high on the walls.

8-8. Storeroom. Jeweled bird in cage. When wound up, it will identify magical objects.

8-9. Platinum statue of a dragon (450pp) on a platform in center of room. If approached without turning lock in floor, a spiked pit trap will trigger.

8-10. Several prison cells, all empty except for bones and rags.

8-11. One black dragon of moderate size. 2,200gp, mace +1.

Map of Level 8-B

8-12. Smashed furniture, including desk, chairs, bookshelf. Litter of bones on floor. Three spectres. Sword +1 beneath bones.

8-13. Circle of dungeon fungus on floor. Anyone stepping into the fungus will never want to leave.

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