Map of Level 3-A

3-5. Refectory. Long tables with grease and wine stains. A few mundane plates and utensils scattered around. Smells like a recent banquet.

3-6. Stone memorial slab in center of floor, with inscription in ancient language. Moving the slab frees two wights. Pair of electrum chalices (1200ep) in hollow under slab.

3-7. Six bugbears. Sacks with 650gp under mounds of animal skins. Several pungent wheels of cheese and casks of grain alcohol.

3-8. Multiple desiccated bugbear corpses on floor. Raised platform along east wall. Several chairs and music stands, all heavily covered by webs.

Map of Level 3-B

3-9. Long table in center of room, several upturned half-barrels as chairs. Three bugbears with small box containing nine emeralds (4500gp total).

3-10. Axe +1 hanging from brackets on west wall. Removing the axe without attaching equivalent weight to the brackets will cause a 10′ pit to open underneath.

3-11. One werewolf. Metal handles attached to the wall, for no apparent reason. Chest of 2600cp.

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