Dungeon23, Week 9 – On to Level Three

Map of Level 2-D

2-26. Five elves (know sleep x2, magic missile x2, knock). Copper tools worth 500cp.

2-27. Gang of fifteen kobolds. Sack of 2100cp.

2-28. Eight bandits. Chest with 1050ep.

Level Three

3-1. Ossuary. One carrion crawler. Among the bones is a scroll of three cleric spells (Locate Object, Remove Curse, Bless) and a dagger +1.

3-2. Phantasmal images of evil sorcerers carrying out a necromantic ritual over an open pit. (The pit is also illusory.)

3-3. Looted tombs. Twelve berserkers scavenging. Looted copper decorations worth 2900 cp.

3-4. Paintings of various beasts (crocodile, hippogriff, phoenix, etc.) on the walls. Broken and twisted remains of half a dozen cages.