18. Tapestry of lizard man hunting scene on east wall. Touching it will cause it to fall. It is rigged with bells and will alert nearby monsters.

19. Lizard men chamber. Five lizard men, One lizard chief with improved armor and attacks. Gold ornaments worth 400gp.

20. Seven lizard men. Ornaments worth 75gp.

21. Seven lizard men, ornaments worth 300gp, and one elf (knows Magic Missile, 3 100gp gems).

22. Wooden bench and table. Secret door in fireplace leads to trap door to level 3. Chimney can be climbed to the surface.

23. Cots and camp beds. Sacks with miscellaneous tools and provisions, of little value.

Level 2-D

24. Kitchen. Large fireplace on south wall. Silver cutlery (700sp) in box in cupboard.

25. Magic circle on floor, with gold-colored candles within. Stepping inside the circle causes a force field to form. Elves on this level know the key word to dismiss it.

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