Level 3-B

3-12. Torture chamber: racks, wheels, branding irons, miscellaneous implements. Thick spider webs cover everything. No signs of recent activity. Nest small blue birds’ eggs under one of the racks.

3-13. Heavy webbing covers the walls. Three giant tarantella spiders. Scattered among the bones and debris are 81cp and 243sp.

3-14. Thick webs and large, luminescent fungi. Three giant tarantella spiders. Ceremonial gold helmet worth 700gp. Fungus-covered trap door in floor leads to fourth level.

3-15. Multiple mirrors on walls, and several racks of clothing. Five bandits, well dressed. Articulated mannequin with electrum detailing (1050ep).

Level 3-C

3-16. Bedchamber. Canopied bed along west wall with sleeping princess in it. Anyone disturbing the bed activates a symbol of sleep spell.

3-17. Six bugbears (one has a +2 dagger). Several barrels of goat cheese stored in brine.

3-18. Illusion of ghostly warriors in the center of the room. Illusion includes the floor, which is actually a 10′ spiked pit. Among the bones in the pit is an oil of slipperiness.

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