Level 3-C

3-19. Empty room. “Jeweled Man Seen Here” written on the wall with chalk.

3-20. Five bugbears. 1050ep, slick with grease, in three clay jars.

3-21. Several conjuring circles marked on the floor with chalk. All have been scuffed and disturbed and look abandoned. Trap door in ceiling leading to level 2.

3-22. Room is filled with comfortable sitting-room furniture, which will become animated and attack whenever anyone tries to cross the room. The command word to deactivate the furniture is now lost.

3-23. Bronze statue of duck-faced wizard in attacking posture. Scorch marks on floor in front of it. Standing within 5′ of statue will trigger burning hands spell.

3-24. Two bugbears and six giant rats. Shelves line the walls, occasional broken crockery and remnants of food. Sealed stone chest full of 2600cp.

Level 3-D

3-25. Bowl in center of room containing three small metal toads. One toad grants +2 on all saves, one grants protection from fire, and the third grants +1 on all Charisma checks.

3-26. Large jade statue of multi-armed demon. If a gem of 25gp value or higher is put into one of the hands, the statue will answer one yes/no question per day. The gem then vanishes.

3-27. Eight bugbears. Multiple tables and chairs.

3-28. Twelve slow-moving, giant mushrooms, about three feet tall, contained by a fence of wooden stakes. Non-violent, but will continue to move aimlessly unless restrained.

3-29. Magic laboratory. One conjurer (2 lv. 1 spells, 1 lv. 2 spell) and three bugbear henchmen. Potion of diminution and set of gold cups (900gp).

3-30. Conjurer’s lair, including furniture and supplies. Entering the room will trigger illusionary fires to break out in multiple places. On bookshelf is a scroll of lightning bolt.

3-31. Broken furniture and various scraps on the floor. Twenty-four large centipedes crawling within. Six gold plates (600gp total) are hidden in the refuse.

Map of Level 4-A

4-1. Mushroom forest. Six Shriekers. Beside a pile of bones is a copper model of a city (3400cp). (Note: luminescent fungi on ceiling provides light for most chambers on this level.)

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