Map of Level 4-A

4-2. Densely-packed pine grove. Two dryads. Beneath one of the tree roots is a bag with 1000sp, 5000, 1 small ruby (10gp).

4-3. Dryad throne room. Stone columns and many trees. Multiple dryads, as well as the dryad queen.

4-4. Two cyclopes. [If too tough, treat all cyclopes as ogres.] Sacks of gold dust (5600gp).

4-5. Cave with extensive carvings and paintings on the walls, depicting an unknown bug-headed civilization. Two bishops, one has a mace +1, and the other has a shield +1.

Map of Level 4-B

4-6. Filled with a lush jungle of subterranean plants. Prolonged searching will turn up a small amount of gold dust (30gp) in the farthest corner.

4-7. Thorny rose bushes, growing through skeletal remains. Will rise up and attack as 15 rose zombies. Thorn-wrapped chest full of 1000gp.

4-8. Underground forest – North. Four rose zombies stand guard over a stone monument. A compartment in the monument holds a lead casket with a scroll of protection from undead.

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