Map of Level 4-B

4-9. Gnoll baths. 10 gnolls. Bubbling, sulfurous hot spring in south of cave. At the far end, half-submerged, is an electrum statue of a dryad (1850ep). Trap door in ceiling.

4-10. Underground forest – East. Large tree with sword jammed deep into the trunk. Removing the sword (which is covered with runes, but otherwise normal) will cause the tree limbs to flail wildly and attack until the sword is replaced.

4-11. Underground forest – Center. Assembly area. Rock-lined fire pit, surrounded by log benches.

4-12. Underground forest – West. Flowering trees and roses. Three dryads and six rose zombies. Cache of 1800ep in a rotting bag under a heap of compost.

Map of Level 4-C

4-13. Underground forest – South. Gnoll skulls on sticks, twined with creeping roses. They surround a stone-bordered pool. Drinking grants the speak with plants ability, once per day.

4-14. Fifteen gnoll guards (five with bows). Toll barrel with 4200 cp.

4-15. Weasel den. Two giant weasels. Two potions of gaseous form among the litter of bones and debris near the secret door.

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