Map of Dungeon Level 1-C
I’m declaring my map-drawing style to be “pleasantly retro.”

15. Disused laboratory. Block has fallen from the ceiling in the northwest corner. One booted, skeletal foot protrudes from underneath. Non-hostile ghost of a thief haunts the room. If block is moved, the key to room 21 is under the crushed skeleton.

16. Walls painted black, with constellations and celestial bodies all over in luminous paint. A sage who studies these star charts would learn insights on how to improve astrological predictions.

17. Gnawed bones of various creatures line corners of the room. Eight giant centipedes crawl through the detritus. An enameled bronze dagger (800cp) can be found.

18. A nest of three giant gecko lizards. A potion of ESP is hidden among the gnawed bones. The door at the end of the corridor to the south is locked and extremely difficult to open without the key from room 15.

19. Empty room. Tracks on the floor show that many creatures have traveled through here. Stairs leading down to Level 2.

20. Decayed remains of a library and laboratory. Six skeletons stand guard. In the library is a manual of skill at arms. The door on the east wall is locked and extremely difficult to open without the key from room 15.

21. Abandoned living quarters. Bed, desk, shelves, wardrobe, etc. Small silver statue of a nymph (1100sp) in the wardrobe. Tapestry of hunting scene (250gp) on the wall. Desk contains a small memo book with notes in code.

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