Map of Level 1-D

22. Six purple bugmen (treat as kobolds) are guarding six crates of stolen merchandise. The crates contain mundane goods like cloth, metalwork, and tools. Total value is 250gp.

23. Five purple bugmen gathered around a table, eating from bowls of sugar and discussing their next raid. The bowls are platinum and worth 50pp.

24. Chapel. Oversized statue of a purple bugman in the corner.

25. Five purple bugmen studying the ancient mirror on east wall. It can be used for divination, if the proper magic commands can be discovered. Two silver candlesticks (500sp) stand beside the mirror.

26. Bugman common room. Tables, chairs, nests, dartboards, terrible smell.

27. Armory. Two purple bugmen, with better than average armor and weapons. Racks of short swords, daggers, chain mail shirts. Chest containing 1400sp, obviously trapped lock with a poisoned needle.

28. Shrew kennel. Six giant shrews, chained to posts along the walls. If agitated, the shrews can easily break their chains.

29. Unsellable junk and broken furniture. In the back, someone has dumped the corpse of an orange bugman. Under one wing is written “Olmer Evek”, the name of the purple bugmen’s human associate. Near the corpse is a pottery jar containing 600sp.

30. Assembly room. Long, elevated table along the west wall. Dozens of chairs scattered around. Chewed pine sap (a bugman favorite) stuck under several chairs.

31. Bugmen’s Den. Eight purple bugmen and one chief (double hit points and better armor). Chief wears platinum ornaments worth 250pp.

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