Map of Level 8-B

8-14. Statuary hall. Six iron statues of evil dwarf ancestors. All six are living statues. Seventeen 100gp gems in marble bowl in center of room.

8-15. Abandoned mining office. Lair of three giant lizards. Drawers of smashed desk contain Scroll of protection from lycanthropes, Scroll of Speak with Dead, Potion of Black Dragon Control.

8-16. Baths. Pools on either side of the room are full of sulfurous water, heated by hot springs.

8-17. Mine. Veins of emeralds run across the unstable rocky ceiling. Attempts to get at them will result in a dangerous rockfall.

Map of Level 8-C

8-18. Two giant lizards. Abandoned sack of emeralds worth 900cp.

8-19. Ten wraiths (ghosts of miners enslaved by the evil dwarves). Buried under a rockfall is a two-handed sword +1.

8-20. Scattered bones and smashed mine carts. Bones have been gnawed by something with large teeth. Torn sack contains emeralds worth 450gp.

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