Dungeon23, Week 34 – The Mine

Map of Level 8-C

8-21. Mine. Four giant lizards gnawing on bones. Scattered, unprocessed emeralds worth 2,200gp.

8-22. Gem cleaning and shaping workshop. Various abandoned benches and tools. Chest under one bench is trapped with a poison needle in the lock, but contains two potions of heroism.

8-23. Mine. Two hydras (seven heads), the leaders of the giant lizards who inhabit the mine. Among the scattered bones is an evil dwarf crown, worth 7,000sp.

8-24. Mine. Ghostly sounds of battle and conflict.

8-25. Mine. Bones of several other adventurers. Tinderbox with flint and steel. Noble coat of arms etched on the tinderbox.

Map of Level 8-D

8-26. Two giant lizards, with glowing pearlescent eyes. Several bones of evil dwarves, scattered around a large chest, with 4,200ep, 6,400sp, 8,000cp.

8-27. Six tombs of important evil dwarves. Two spectres lurk here. Tombs have gold ornaments totaling 2,300gp.