Map of Level 2-A

5. Ten racks of high-quality stolen clothes, worth 1200gp to the right buyer.

6. Swimming pool. 8′ deep. Mosaic of naiads and sea creatures at the bottom. If it could be removed, it would be valuable.

7. Broken statues and discarded furniture litter the room. Mold and fungus grow in spots. In front of the west door is a patch of green slime covering a silver owl worth 800sp.

8. Vermiglio the Merchant has set up shop here. Much standard gear is available. Chest of various coins, totaling 300gp. He is strictly neutral, but his daughter Ludmilla may be drawn into schemes.

Map of Level 2-B

9. Laboratory. Two elves synthesizing potions. One elf knows the sleep spell, and the other knows magic missile. Alchemical compounds worth 600gp, and a potion of diminution.

10 .Massive winding staircase leading down. Provides access to every level from two through seven.

11. Lizard Pen. Two giant lizards. No treasure.

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