Map of Level 7-B

7-9. Funerary temple. Living statue of two-faced crocodile god in front of the altar. Dish of water on the altar contains a ring of water walking floating on the surface.

7-10. Two grey oozes block the corridor south. A crystal tube by the north door contains a scroll of five wizard spells.

7-11. Pit trap in front of door leads to 10′ pit infested with stinging beetles. Ten sarcophagi, no treasure.

7-12. Two tombs of high priests. Both contain mummies. One has pectoral (6,000gp) and armband (2,00gp), and the other has jeweled belt (6,000gp).

7-13. Embalming room. Putrid, poisonous fumes. One black pudding. Potions of fire resistance and flying.

7-14. Looted sarcophagi. Brass mirror on the west wall, if cleaned, will function as a commune spell.

7-15. Six sarcophagi, each containing a wraith. Each sarcophagus contains 2-3 gems (100gp each)

7-16. Smashed furniture and crockery. Bones on the floor, many with ends dissolved by acid. The word “Gronark” scrawled on the wall with charcoal.

7-17. Two sarcophagi with mummies. False bottoms in each sarcophagus hides 3,500sp each.

7-18. Statue of a Type I Demon, wearing a gold crown (1,700gp). Removing the crown will cause the statue to transform into an actual demon.

Map of Level 7-C

7-19. Burned remains of coffins. Four shadows. Desiccated remains of unlucky thief on floor, including leather armor +2.

7-20. Wet staircase and floor. Webbed footprints. (Stair switches back halfway down.) Statue of shark-headed god, with secret door behind.

7-21. Four shark-headed men (treat as minotaurs). Chest of 3,400ep. Wall in north corner is broken through to the passage beyond.

7-22. Meditation room. Vivid hieroglyphs on the walls. Stepping on the pressure plate in the north corridor activated a sliding wall that cuts off the corridor.

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