Map of Level 7-A
Six months in, and my maps are still “charmingly retro.”

7-1. Necropolis room. Funerary inscriptions on walls. Stone sarcophagus on east wall. Sarcophagus has been opened and is empty. (The map shows a trap door in the floor. That should be in the ceiling.)

7-2. Ablutions room. Continually refreshing basin of water on west wall. Bathing in water produces a temporary bonus against the undead.

7-3. Metal drainage grates in the floor. Smell of ammonia. Otherwise empty.

7-4. Sarcophagus of rotten wood. Inside is a colony of green slime. Contains highly tarnished copper and silver jewelry worth 6,300sp and 6,200cp.

7-5. Two gray oozes. A plastered-over niche in the wall contains five pieces of jewelry, each worth 5,000gp.

7-6. Mirrored walls reflect intruders as mummies and other undead creatures.

7-7. Two spectres, each in a sarcophagus. One sarcophagus contains a magic sword that does double damage to undead, but weakens whoever wields it.

7-8. Funerary temple. Two carrion crawlers. Silver ritual dishes on south altar worth 7,000sp.

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