Dungeon23, Week 26 – The Islands

Map of Level 6-D

6-25. Island enshrouded in permanent mist. Algae-encrusted path leads to a small circular temple.

6-26. Ceremonial display of ancient weapons, tarnished with moisture and stained with blood. Anyone who picks one up will be cursed with berserk rage and blood lust.

6-27. Hidden camp of halfling hero/thief. Among the loot is a silver mermaid statue worth 6,200sp.

6-28. Stone building sheltering a small crystal statue on a pedestal. Pendulum scythe triggered by a plate in the floor. Magic missile fired at whoever lifts the statue from the pedestal. Statue is valueless rock crystal.

Map of Level 6-E

6-29. Stone building contains an armory, haunted by ghosts of lake guardians.

6-30. Two carrion crawlers. Among the detritus is a platinum ceremonial helmet (worth 450pp). Further islands and adventure locations await deeper into the vast underground lake.

The Lost Catacombs of Som-Eguy, Level 6

Map of Dungeon Level 6