Map of Level 6-C

6-18. Funerary temple. Small chapel with several empty coffins. Echoing sounds of ghostly footsteps.

6-19. Crypt of the high priests. Several sarcophagi of former high priests, marred by scorch marks. Statues of lake-elf gods in the corners. Chain lightning trap if the sarcophagi are tampered with.

6-20. Storage room. Six giant weasels nesting here. Hidden among the stacked litters and tools is a platinum crown of an ancient high priest (worth 400pp).

6-21. Meeting hall of the lake-elf outpost. Benches for seating, and a raised table for the elders along the north wall. In a box under the table is a copy of the history of the outpost, and a scroll of charm person.

6-22. Fishing warehouse and docks. Two lords waiting for secret meeting. One has a sword +1, the other has chainmail +1 and a shield +1.

6-23. Fishermen’s tavern. Mermaid figurehead mounted on the wall will bestow temporary clairvoyance if sufficient offering of drink is made.

6-24. Island enshrouded in permanent mist. Set of solid bronze manacles attached to the rock facing the channel between the islands.

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