Map of Level 6-B

6-11. Vestry. One Bishop of Unentiq (secretly evil) and two robed assistants (actually doppelgangers). The bishop wears chainmail +2, and there is a potion of levitation among the chalices and ritual items. Doors to the north and west are locked. The bishop carries the key.

6-12. Bishop’s chamber. Bed, armoire, desk, large chest, etc. Chest has a poison needle trap in the lock and contains 6,400sp and 6,200cp. Secret door behind the tapestry on south wall.

6-13. Hidden temple to the worm-headed god. Sinister worm-related carvings on the walls.

6-14. Antechamber. Purple robes on hooks. Silver basins full of slime (basins worth 7,000sp). Three shadows. Planks to bridge the pit in the hall.

6-15. Two evil lords. One has a ring of protection +2. Chest of tribute, containing 5,300sp.

Map of Level 6-C

6-16. Dockside warehouse. One black pudding lurking in a back corner. Two lake-elf guards outside. Trade goods worth 4,000gp. Wet, slippery stairs at the south end of the beach lead down to Level 7.

6-17. Lake island. Steps leading up to peak-roofed, columned funerary temple.

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