6-4. Warehouse. Boxes and crates of trade goods, belonging to various merchants and guilds. Ten lake elf guards, and various merchants attending to their stores. Total value of goods approximately 4,500gp.

6-5. Inn. Variety of patrons. Like the lake-elf settlement in general, the inn is neutral ground for various groups that would otherwise be hostile. Usually 3d6 patrons and a handful of staff present.

6-6. Museum. Variety of exhibits (artistic and scientific) relating to the underground realm. If given a command word by the curator, five monster skeletons will animate and attack. (Treat as ogres, with special resistances of skeletons.)

6-7. Sage. Friendly and informative sage with knowldege of the catacombs. Will offer extensive treasures in exchance for fact-finding missions. Treasures include: sword +2 (dragon slayer), wand of cold, potions of flying and invisibility.

6-8. Guard post. Tunnel to the west leads to more distant underground realms. Eight lake-elf guards on duty.

Map of Level 6-B

6-9. Marketplace. Various tents and booths. Contents and vendors change regularly. Many lake-elves and visitors present.

6-10. Temple of Unentiq, the mythical ancestor of the lake-elves. Temple is built into the side of the cave. Ten lake-elves and other good-aligned visitors. Door to the south is locked. The high priest carries the key.

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