Map of Level 5-C

5-28. Cult chamber. Two evil bishops in purple robes with symbols showing a worm eating its own tail.

5-29. Treasure Room. Chests with 3,200gp, 4,300sp, magic shield with a map incised on the inner side, and a snake-shaped talisman that increases the potency of wizard spells.

5-30. Worm cult temple. Altar on south wall. Two stone statues of coiled worms on either side. Will come to life and attack anyone not wearing the symbols from room 28. (They attack as stone golems.)

5-31. Two trolls, with five bugbear prisoners. Various cooking implements, including large stew pot. One troll has highly tarnished silver belt worth 5,900sp.

Complete Map of Level 5
Map of Level 6-A

6-1. Caravan enclosure. Part of the subterranean lake elves’ complex. A place for traveling merchants to tie up their beasts and leave their cargoes under guard. Ten lake elf guards. 1d6 caravans (pulled by various underground beasts) tied up at any given time.

6-2. Caravan offices. Various lake elves, including five guards. New arrivals are expected to pay a modest toll.

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Map of Dungeon Level 12-C

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