Map of Level 5-D

5-21. Wooden statue of bear-headed god. Moving the statue causes a javelin trap to fire from the crevice behind it. Crevice contains chest of 5,200sp, a scroll with cure serious wounds x3, and a ring of reverse gravity.

5-22. One caecilla. Several shattered fragments of huge eggs. Bones and refuse contain a potion of heroism.

5-23. Cairn of stones. Buried inside is a skeleton in chainmail, with a sword +1.

5-24. Three cave bears. An iron trunk contains 5,700cp.

5-25. Caecilla den. Three caecillas. Numerous broken and unbroken eggs in the water to the north. Piled around the eggs are 1,000cp, 1,000sp, 3,000gp, ruby (100gp), emerald (50gp), enameled gold necklace (1,100gp).

Map of Level 5-C

5-26. Three trolls. Clay jar with 5,300sp.

5-27. Four wraiths. Statue of rat-headed man, with secret door behind it. 2,900ep buried under statue.

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Map of Dungeon Level 12-D

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Map of Dungeon Level 12-C

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